It’s Fall! Take Care of Your Lawn Now to Ensure Lush Grass in the Spring

There are several things you can do to your lawn now that will yield impressive results when warm weather returns.


The nights are getting cooler and you’re probably already thinking about school football games, Halloween and raking leaves. Before you start raking, however, give your lawn some attention. If you take some time now, your lawn will look great when spring rolls around.

There are several things you can do to your lawn now that will yield impressive results when warm weather returns. The best part? Each of these is a “one off” that you won’t have to repeat until the same time next year:

  • If you have your mower set for anything under 2”, adjust it up to this height so that the grass has a chance to set some deep roots before winter.
  • If you’re having a dry spell in your area, water your lawn weekly in the morning, when less evaporation will take place. Water thoroughly so that it soaks the ground at least a few inches deep.
  • If you have any thinning or bare spots on your lawn, now is the time to over-seed those patches so that the grass will have the chance to establish some roots before spring.
  • Apply an herbicide or weed killer to perennial weeds. At this time of year, the weeds will send the herbicide to its root system. Applying it while the grass is damp will yield more effective results.
  • Fertilize your lawn. Even if you get a frost soon and lose this year’s green lawn, the fertilizer will go to the roots for improved growth in the spring.
  • Dethatch your yard or have someone dethatch it for you. Too much thatch can mean your grass won’t get enough moisture or oxygen when spring comes around.
  • Aerating the soil will allow roots to get plenty of oxygen and help water penetrate deep into the soil. Aeration reduces thatch, loosens the soil so that grass can root more easily and improves soil drainage so that standing water won’t be a problem.

After you’ve done all of the above, sit back and sip on a pumpkin spice latté, knowing that next year your yard will look fabulous.

Business owners – if you don’t have the time or the inclination to take care of your company’s lawn, hire the professionals at Mr. B’s Lawn Service.  They can do everything needed to keep your business’ lawn looking great. If you’ll have lots of leaves falling in the next few weeks, we’ll take care of raking, trimming etc. so that your property will make a great first impression no matter what season it is!

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Seven Spring Chores for Homeowners

There are a multitude of weekly and monthly chores for homeowners to worry about, but there are also seasonal chores. These are jobs that don’t have to be done more than once or twice a year, but because they aren’t done as frequently, they take on more importance. Skipping or missing them just once can lead to expensive or time consuming repairs farther down the road. Now that Spring is here in the Ellwood City, PA area, you should try to mark off all or most of this list in April

1. Check & Repair Your Gutters


cleaning gutters
Wear gloves when cleaning your gutters to prevent cuts and abrasions from sharp twigs or other debris.


Water damage is one of the most expensive problems you can deal with as a homeowner, so be sure your gutters are free of any debris before those “April showers” set in. Use a garden hose to flush water down through  your gutters to make sure they are flowing freely. If they aren’t, take the time to carefully clear out the leaves and other debris. Also test them to make sure they are securely fastened and don’t have any unexpected holes in them. Finally, make sure that the downspouts are pushing any water away from your foundation and adjust them as necessary.

If you have some extra cash to invest in your gutters, it might be time to have gutter guards installed. These are mesh or vented metal covers that go over your gutters so that rain can get through but dirt and debris can’t. They can prolong the life of your gutters and can mean fewer trips up a ladder to clean them out.

2.  Check & Clean Your Roof

You’ve probably seen houses in your neighborhood that seem to have long, dark streaks on the roof. These streaks aren’t actually dirt. They are a type of algae that develops on some shingles because they feed off of the limestone in the shingles. Your best bet for this it to hire a professional for safety reasons. If you try to clean your roofing yourself, be sure to have a partner to hold and steady your ladder. Replace any loose or curled shingles as well to prevent water seeping in under them and causing more problems.

3.  Walk Around Your Home’s Exterior to Check Wiring

There are several things you need to do on the outside of your home before warmer weather hits. First, check all outside wiring (such as telephone, Internet, cable…) to make sure they are properly grounded. Check for signs that they have been chewed on or destroyed by animals who may have been gnawing on them. If they are damaged, have a professional come out and fix them.

4.  Service the Air Conditioning System

AC unit
Make sure plants are trimmed away from the air conditioning unit to prevent overheating and potential damage.


This is also the time to check your air conditioning unit. Make sure that you trim back any shrubs or other plantings that could interfere with the performance of your AC unit. Install new filters and replace them monthly as long as you’ll be using it. You’ll also need to clean the coils and condenser unit so that the air conditioning runs smoothly and doesn’t get overheated. Changing the filter in your air conditioner monthly is also a good idea if you use it most days during hot weather.

5.  Get A Jump On Your Lawn

Even if you haven’t mowed your lawn yet, you do need to start caring for it by mid-April. A pre-emergent weed control application and some fertilizer designed for this climate and type of soil is essential. This will kill off the weeds and encourage new grass growth so that by the time summer is here, your lawn will be a thing of beauty. If you aren’t sure what applications you’ll need, call PennTurf at 724-758-3647 to get a quote from professionals who have been doing this kind of work for years. They can suggest the right blend of ingredients for optimal lawn performance.

6.  Check Your Appliances

When you’re doing the spring cleaning, check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors in the house to make sure they are still working properly and that no repairs are needed. It’s a good idea to change the batteries, even if they are functioning right now. It’s easy to forget when you last put new batteries in them, so changing them every April is a good way to make sure they will work when they have to. And be sure to replace all the batteries, not just one or two that you think might be bad. Mixing old and new batteries in the same appliance can shorten their life.

Also check your kitchen appliances such as the oven and refrigerator. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum or dust off the coils. Dusty, dirty coils will make the fridge work harder to maintain the cold temperatures, costing you money and shortening the life of the appliance. Vacuum beneath all of your appliances and make sure you check the clothes dryer hose to see that it isn’t clogged with lint.

7.  Clean & Seal Your Deck

Wood decks take a beating in the winter, particularly in colder climates where there is a lot of snow and ice that melt, refreeze and thaw. Do an inspection to see whether any nails or screws need to be tightened or replace, then brush loose dirt off. Renting a power washer is the best way to get a grimy deck really clean. After it has dried completely, either paint or stain it, then wait a few days for it to completely cure. After that, apply an all-weather sealant to prevent peeling, cracking or warping of the boards.

Now get a cold drink, kick back in a lawn chair and enjoy the beautiful weather!