Interested in Starting Your Own Business? Mr. B’s Has an Opportunity for You!

Many of us dream of starting our own business, but few of us actually start the process. It’s costly, it takes a lot of time to build up a base of customers, and the paperwork can be overwhelming. But if you do get your own business up and running, the benefits are undeniable – you can set your own hours, your earning potential is virtually unlimited, you can make your own decisions and tailor your business to your lifestyle.

Learning from Mr. B’s Experience

At Mr. B’s, we’re excited about helping those who are interested in starting their own businesses or becoming independent contractors. We’re looking for individuals with a strong work ethic, drive, determination and a desire to succeed!

Mr. B’s was started by Brian Bush in early 1991, when he started mowing lawns while still in high school. From those beginnings, Brian has grown five successful businesses employing over a dozen employees and several independent contractors. Brian wants to take the business skills he’s learned over the years and pass them on to the next generation of entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to set themselves up as small business owners in their own right.

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Mr. B’s will guide you through the initial steps of starting your own business.

A Rare Opportunity for Starting Your Own Business

Does this sound good to you? It should! This is an opportunity that seldom comes along. You can learn from someone who has built his own companies from the ground up without having to pay for an expensive education, you’ll get paid on the job, and while you’re earning and learning, you’ll be working toward taking on a segment of Mr. B’s current businesses as your own.

We’ll take you through every phase of establishing  your own business, including making sure you file the proper federal, state and local paperwork, assisting you with getting the right insurance, creating a marketing plan, establishing a customer list and finding the right financing options.

There’s never been a better time to start your own business. If you’re serious about starting your own business and willing to learn, contact Brian Bush at for more information. Please let us know what experience you have, including any certifications or licenses. No phone calls, please.


Lawn Mower & Small Engine Repairs Available at Mr. B’s in Ellwood City, PA

Spring has officially arrived, and you’ll soon be mowing your lawn, planting flowers and trimming shrubs. At Mr. B’s, we can help you prepare for the long summer days and your long list of summer chores by getting your lawn mower, hedge trimmers, weed whackers and chainsaws ready to perform after months of sitting in your garage or shed.

Our small engine repair professionals can give your mower a thorough tune-up, replace your chainsaw chain or sharpen lawn mower blades. We work on all size mowers, including push mowers and riding lawn tractors.

Don’t know when you can drop off your mower at our 513 Third Street, Ellwood City location? Call 724-752-5551 to arrange pick-up and delivery in Ellwood City, PA!

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Dethatching to Improve Your Lawn


It’s spring and everyone is busy mowing, trimming, weeding and watering their lawns. Many people also take the time to add weed control and fertilizer to insure a full, green lawn that will continue to thrive until autumn. Despite all this careful lawn grooming, however, many homeowners are disappointed with the results they see because they haven’t bothered to dethatch their lawn. In some cases, they don’t even know what thatch is or they don’t understand how important it is to a healthy lawn.

What Is Thatch?

Thatch is the layer of debris and dead grass that settles on the ground at the base of your lawn. It lies just above the surface of the ground and will tend to build up over time because it decomposes slowly. The good thing about thatch is that a layer of it does help protect the roots of your grass from too much heat. It will help hold moisture in after the rain and protects the delicate blades of new grass as it comes up. The down side of thatch is that it does tend to accumulate over time and needs to be removed every few years to prevent it from choking out healthy grass or harboring bugs, fungi and decreasing oxygen to plant roots.

When Does Thatch Become a Problem?

Thatch does its best work when it is about ¼ to ½ inch thick. If it’s thicker than a half-inch, it can prevent water from getting to the roots of the living grass. It may also restrict healthy air flow and become a damp environment for diseases of the soil and grass.

Try digging up a plug of grass and measuring the thatch to see how thick it is, or ask a lawn care professional (PennTurf specializes in a variety of lawn care options, including dethatching).

Successful Thatch Removal

If your lawn has too much thatch, you may need to invest in a thatch rake or a dethatching machine (most people would have to rent one and learn how to use it). If you’d rather have the experts take care of it, PennTurf and other lawn care professionals can schedule a time to dethatch your lawn for you. Right now is the best time to schedule your lawn’s dethatching. If done in late spring or early summer, the lawn will have plenty of time to heal and develop stronger roots and fill in. The appropriate time for dethatching, however, will depend on the lawn and its condition.

Some lawns may need to be dethatched every year, while others won’t need it that often. It depends largely on how bad the current thatch is, the type of grass on your lawn and weather conditions. You can call Penn Turf at 724-758-3647 to request a free estimate on dethatching your lawn.

Treat Your Business’s Lawn Now for Better Color & Growth All Season

Wondering how to keep your lawn looking great this summer? It goes far beyond just mowing and trimming your lawn. Mr. B’s has parternered with PennTurf to offer all of our customers in the Ellwood City, Koppel, Wampum, Cranberry & Wexford areas the finest in weed and pest control in additional to lawn maintenance and landscaping.

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Timing is crucial for correct lawn maintenance and treatment. Over the next few weeks, PennTurf and Mr. B’s will be making the rounds for our loyal customers to begin the first spring lawn treatments. Each treatment addresses specific needs for western Pennsylvania lawns, including white grub control, and appropriate fertilization.

PennTurf carefully spaces each lawn treatment at approximately 6 week intervals for maximum effectiveness. Each treatment is tailored to the type of problem, the area of the country and more. These may contain seasonally selected combinations of fertilizer, broad leaf weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass control.

This week and next we will be concentrating on a powerful but safe blend of fertilizers for improved green and increased turf density so that the roots will be stronger even during future dry stretches.

A second application six weeks after the first one will balance fertilizer that focuses on both color and strong growth. There will be an inspection of the lawn and a customized weed control treatment applied. If there are any indications of broad leaf or grassy weeds present, PennTurf and Mr. B’s will also pay careful attention to these.


We offer a variety of PennTurf packages for every business budget. Please call Mr. B’s at 724-752-5551 or PennTurf at 724-758-3647. We will be happy to give you an estimate on what it will cost to keep your business’ lawn looking beatiful all season long!

Lawn Care Tips from Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences

Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences says, “Fertilization does more to improve poor quality turf or maintain good quality turf than any other single management practice.”

Isn’t it time to contact PennTurf and Mr. B’s Lawn Service to discover how we can transform your lawn into a soft, green oasis? Call 724-752-5551 or 724-758-3647 for a free estimate or to schedule your lawn for PennTurf’s fertilization treatments.

The full article, “Lawn Management Through the Seasons,” outlines when and why you should take care of fertilizing your lawn, seeding, reseeding, thatching and more.  You can read more about lawn care from Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences by visiting their website.

Tranforming Your Lawn with PennTurf

garden3PennTurf is western Pennsylvania’s premier lawn treatment program. In this area of the country, it can be difficult to maintain a lush, green lawn. While you can try to fertilize it and apply weed control yourself, these are tedious chores and if you use the wrong products, you could do more harm than good. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional lawn care service to properly treat  your lawn, including using scientifically developed weed control that focuses on killing the specific types of weeds and undesirable plants known to thrive in this area. The right blend and balance of fertilizer for your specific type of grass is also needed to encourage strong growth and a deep root system so that your lawn will thrive from spring through fall.

PennTurf ( provides everything you need in four easy applications beginning in April and running through September or October. PennTurf also offers additional services such as de-thatching, aeration and grub control. They offer a variety of service plans to suit every need, lawn size and budget. To learn more about the various services offered, visit the PennTurf Services page.

If you would like a PennTurf professional to take a look at your lawn and give you an estimate, call 724-758-3647 to schedule a time for a consultation. PennTurf will begin Early Spring applications next week, so call today!