270 Kindale Has Room to Spare Inside & Out

It also has a two-car garage connected to the house, a rarity in the Ellwood City area at this price point.



This four bedroom, one bath house sits on a spacious lot with mature landscaping, giving you lots of room for picnics, play and just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, but the interior is the star of the show. The first floor features a large family room, eat-in dining room with built-in cabinetry, three bedrooms and a newer kitchen. The island between kitchen and dining room is perfect for serving or setting up a buffet when you have guests.

Casement windows let breezes through and plenty of closet space means you’ll never lack for storage. A large room on the second floor could be your master bedroom but is large enough for a pool table or media room. Plenty of outlets, recessed lighting and track lighting are just a few of the thoughtful details you’ll appreciate. Lots of windows means loads of natural light in every room, and the newer carpet and fresh paint make this house move-in ready.

270 Kindale Street also has a two-car garage connected to the house, a rarity in the Ellwood City area at this price point. The garage has a remote control door and pegboards all around to hang tools, craft supplies or sporting goods. The open rafter ceiling adds lots of overhead storage as well. Finally, an enclosed porch leads to the oversized yard.

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The 2 Biggest Mistakes Made in Calculating Rental Property Returns

Source: The 2 Biggest Mistakes Made in Calculating Rental Property Returns

Seller Disclosures When Buying A Home

termites-damageAny time you buy a home there is the chance that a problem could arise shortly after you’ve purchased the house and moved in, but Pennsylvania Seller Disclosure Laws help protect you if the problem was apparent to the seller before he or she sold you the house. But what does a seller have to reveal to you before you sign on the dotted line?

Pennsylvania’s 68 Pennsylvania Statutes Section 7304 requires all sellers to provide potential buyers with a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement. This document should including the following information:


  • Contents of the house (such as dishwashers and other appliances) and their condition, including whether they need to be repaired or replaced
  • The location and number of working smoke detectors
  • Whether there is a known problem with sewage lines, septic systems, etc.
  • Any additional costs the homeowner will incur on a regular basis, such as Home Owners’ Association (HOA) fees or any restrictions on the deed to the property, such as whether mineral rights are included with the sale of the property.
  • Specifics such as the type of sewer system used on the property
  • If the house was constructed prior to 1978, the seller will need to provide Title X disclaimer stating whether there is lead-based paint in the home and how it has been treated.

At Look At My Homes, we always strive to give you all the information you need to make the an informed decision about your next home purchase. If you have questions, ask us and we will give you the unvarnished truth. We want your home buying experience to be so good that you will recommend Look At My Homes to your friends and family!


2016 Home Buyers’ Guide Released by the Home Buying Institute

2016 Home Buyers' GuideIf you’re ready to buy a home in the Ellwood City, PA area, there’s a terrific buyers’ guide available online that can help you through the many steps to home ownership without confusing jargon. It’s got lots of information for anyone buying a home but is especially helpful for first time buyers. New governments rules and banking regulations are both covered in detail to make the process of buying a new house in Ellwood City easier.

The guide outlines the various types of home mortgages available and helps you choose the best home loan for your family, your budget and your lifestyle. You’ll also learn how to prepare for the closing and lots more.  Download your copy of the 2016 Home Buying Guide and take those first steps toward owning a home in Ellwood City, PA.

Read more: http://www.homebuyinginstitute.com/home-buying-guide.php#ixzz3ySbSCGBM

2016: For Homebuyers, It’s a Very Good Year

The New Year always brings new plans, including plans to move to a new address. A fresh start in a new (or new to you) home is always exciting, but it can be particularly exciting when everything falls into place for home buyers, and 2016 promises to be one of those years. Some recent changes in the industry as well as positive financial indicators all mean that if you’re considering buying now, you’ll be able to take advantage of a great market. There are several reasons that this may be the time for you to start shopping for your home:

  1. Mortgage interest rates are still low

Although flexible mortgage rates do flutter up and down, they are as a whole still quite low and will probably remain that way throughout 2016. If you have decent credit, you can find a fixed rate mortgage with interest rates as low as 4-4.5%.  This gives buyers more flexibility on what they can afford to purchase since they will be saving thousands over the life of the loan compared to the higher mortgage interest rates of just a decade ago, when typical rates were 6.5-7% or higher. And there is no comparison to the awful interest rates of the 1980’s, when many homeowners were strapped with interest rates of 15% or more!

  1. The Price of Homes Is No Longer Climbing

Although housing prices plummeted during the housing crisis in 2008, they have been steadily climbing since, and you won’t have to contend with the high interest rates of a subprime loan. The stabilization of housing prices is good news for buyers, who can do more comparison shopping and negotiate more strongly with sellers.


  1. You Don’t Need a Huge Downpayment

The days of needing a downpayment equal to 10-20% of the value of the house are long gone. If you have a decent credit score, many lending institutions will offer you a thirty year mortgage with a downpayment that as low as 3% of your home’s value. One excellent program to look into is the Freddie Mac Home Possible Advantage program. Their website outlines the criteria and answers common questions about this innovative home buying program.

  1. You Can Afford Mortgage Insurance

One of the caveats of buying a home with less than 20% is that the mortgage lender will almost always require mortgage insurance when buying a home to protect the lender if you fail to keep up your end of the mortgage contract. There are several ways to get this insurance, with all providers offering impressively lower rates than just a few years ago. One of the best places to get this is the FHA (Federal Housing Administration), which is currently offering mortgage insurance for less than one percent of a house’s value in many cases.

  1. Homeowners Get a Substantial Federal Tax Break

Unless your mortgage is for more than a million dollars, you can deduct all your monthly interest payments on your Federal income tax return. You will also be able to deduct any points you had to pay to the lender at closing. There are a variety of additional home buyer’s tax breaks such as real estate taxes and other home buying expenses that you can learn more about from the IRS or your local tax preparer.

With so many good reasons to buy a house, it’s a great time to take advantage of the reasonable housing prices in Ellwood City, PA and the surrounding area. Take a moment to visit Look at My Homes and take a look at some beautiful homes well within your budget!


Want vs. Need When Home Shopping


It’s quite a place, isn’t it? Although this probably isn’t what you actually have in mind for your next home purchase, you may be guilty of a mistake that a lot of home buyers, particularly first-time home buyers, make. You have too many things on your “must have” list, making it seem like you can’t afford a nice home in Ellwood City or anywhere else.


Take the “Extras” Off Your List

If you have “must have” list that’s lengthy and has lots of things that you don’t really need, consider going over your list and revising it, keeping in mind that you can add some features over time. Granite countertops? Are they a must or an extra? You can find a plenty of homes with attractive kitchens that may not include granite, but they are stylish and functional. Put the granite on the list of “things to do” somewhere down the line if you find a house that’s the right size, in the right location and in your price range. After all, putting your own, personal stamp on your new house is part of the fun!

Focus on the Big Picture

Start by making a list of “must haves” before you begin looking at homes so that you know what you can’t compromise on, then stick to it. If you need three bedrooms because you have a child and need either a home office for your work or a guest room for your frequently visiting parents, stand firm and let us know that a one-bedroom house just won’t work for you.

Focus on the essentials – how many rooms you need, whether you have to have a garage or a yard, etc. You can compromise on the details because they are usually easy, relatively inexpensive fixes that you can do now or later. At Look At My Homes, we want you to feel confident that the house you purchase or rent from us will be the right home for your family. If you have questions, ask! We’ll answer you honestly and help you find the Ellwood City house that’s right for you, your family and your wallet.