Charming Starter Home on Wayne Avenue

612 Wayne

This is a charming starter home with three bedrooms, a full bath and a large front porch for those warm summer evenings! Plenty of basement storage and newer windows and doors make this an ideal home for a young family. Looking for an Ellwood City house with a home office? Convert that unused third bedroom into your office or a guest room! At less than $700 a month plus utilities, this is an affordable gem that will soon be available for viewing. But it’s certain to be snapped up quickly, so check it out today at Look At My Homes to learn more!

Want vs. Need When Home Shopping


It’s quite a place, isn’t it? Although this probably isn’t what you actually have in mind for your next home purchase, you may be guilty of a mistake that a lot of home buyers, particularly first-time home buyers, make. You have too many things on your “must have” list, making it seem like you can’t afford a nice home in Ellwood City or anywhere else.


Take the “Extras” Off Your List

If you have “must have” list that’s lengthy and has lots of things that you don’t really need, consider going over your list and revising it, keeping in mind that you can add some features¬†over time. Granite countertops? Are they a must or an extra? You can find a plenty of homes with attractive kitchens that may not include granite, but they are stylish and functional. Put the granite on the list of “things to do” somewhere down the line if you find a house that’s the right size, in the right location and in your price range. After all, putting your own, personal stamp on your new house is part of the fun!

Focus on the Big Picture

Start by making a list of “must haves” before you begin looking at homes so that you know what you can’t compromise on, then stick to it. If you need three bedrooms because you have a child and need either a home office for your work or a guest room for your frequently visiting parents, stand firm and let us know that a one-bedroom house just won’t work for you.

Focus on the essentials – how many rooms you need, whether you have to have a garage or a yard, etc. You can compromise on the details because they are usually easy, relatively inexpensive fixes that you can do now or later. At Look At My Homes, we want you to feel confident that the house you purchase or rent from us will be the right home for your family. If you have questions, ask! We’ll answer you honestly and help you find the Ellwood City house that’s right for you, your family and your wallet.



Introducing the Look At My Homes Blog

Advice for homeowners, home shoppers and home renters in Ellwood City and the surrounding area.

Look At My Homes has been buying, selling and renting homes in the Ellwood City, PA area for years. We take pride in providing beautiful, safe and affordable home opportunities to everyone, whether you want to rent a home in Ellwood City or you’re interested in purchasing. Because we offer so many great properties, we’ve decided that we’d also like to be your full service stop for advice on everything from what to look for when signing a lease to how to take care of your deck or winterize your house.

If you have questions, please add them to our comments section and we’ll strive to answer you as soon as possible. ¬†In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy our blog and that you’ll check out Look At My Homes, where you’ll find a complete listing of all our “For Sale” and rental properties. One of them is just waiting to be your next home!