Helpful Resources

Are you new to Ellwood City?

The information below may help:  

Helpful Phone Numbers:

Ellwood City Electric Department:                           724-758-7777,  ext. 15

Ellwood City Municipal Building:                              724-758-7777

Ellwood City Area Public Library:                             724-758-6458

Ellwood City Hospital:                                                  724-752-0081

Ellwood City Post Office:                                              724-758-7531

Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce:            724-758-5501

Ellwood City Police Department (non-emergency):      724-758-7564

Ellwood City Fire Department (non-emergency):          724-758-8149

Emergency Services:      911

Ewing Park Swimming Pool:                                     724-758-3740

Borough Secretary:                                                      724-758-7777,  ext. 11

Borough Manager:                                                       724-758-7777,  ext. 12

Utility Billing Office:                                                   724-758-5576,  ext. 23 or ext. 24

Utility Emergencies:                                                   724-752-1282

Poison Control:                                                            800-222-1222

Helpful Links:

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Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce

Ellwood City Ledger (local newspaper)

Ellwood City Hospital

Ellwood City Area School District

Riverside Area School District