A Dozen Reasons to Contract with Mr. B’s for Your Business’ Snow Removal

Source: A Dozen Reasons to Contract with Mr. B’s for Your Business’ Snow Removal


Six Reasons to Let ABR Judgment Recovery Handle Your Judgments Against Former Tenants

You’ve just won a Judgment against a former tenant – Congratulations! But did you know that there’s still a LOT of work to be done before you ever see any of the money you’re owed? Yep! In fact, many landlords NEVER get the money because it’s so hard to track down the people who owe the money and even harder to force them to pay up! Why? There are six reasons why it’s so tough to get paid after a Judgment is filed:

  1. There are sixty-seven different counties in Pennsylvania. If you have a Judgment against someone in Pennsylvania, you will have to file the Judgment in every county in order to make sure that a lien is placed against former tenants’ properties. Does the tenant own property in other states as well? Plan on having to file in multiple counties in those states as well. That’s LOTS of papework and research!
  2. You have to renew each Judgment every five years or else they lapse. Just like the original Judgments, a Revival of Judgment will need to be filed in every county were the former tenant might have property in order to collect on the lien. Will you remember to do this every five years? In every county?
  3. Did you know that not all Judgments are the same? Some Magistrate Court judgments won’t show up on credit reports, so they won’t serve as liens against property.
  4. Even after a Judgment is filed, there is additional paperwork – including a Writ of Execution – that will have to be created and filed before a sheriff can act on your behalf to collect the debt by seizing property or freezing a bank account. No Writ, no help from the Sheriff, even though you’ve already won the Judgment!
  5. When assets such as property or automobiles are seized to pay debts, you’ll lose a portion of the proceeds in order to pay the sheriff for his service. You could lose literally thousands of dollars of the original Judgment in fees and services.
  6. If there is a sheriff’s sale of land or property, expect to pay the sheriff’s office even more in court costs. These vary from county to county, so you’ll have to research the costs for the appropriate counties and be prepared to pay those fees before you claim the proceeds of the sale or take possession of the property. This can run into thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, meaning you won’t get anywhere near recouping your losses.

Whew! It all sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Rather than waste days or even weeks of your time trying to track down a former tenant, research what they own, then try to collect on the Judgment yourself, why not contact ABR Judgment Recovery, LLC and let US do all the legwork?!

The fact is, over 75% of court Judgments are never recovered because collecting the Judgment is the responsibility of the landlord! You don’t have time to research and file the paperwork, do the legwork and make sure a lien is in place – but ABR Judgment Recovery DOES have the time AND the expertise!

Let us recovery the money that is legally owed to you – it’s what we specialize in, and we have the experience and skills to do it properly every time!

Tired of waiting for the money former tenants owe you?

Call ABR Judgment Recovery today!

(888) 6811-2251


Honoring All Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

In honor of all members of the Armed Forces of the United States, Look At My Homes, Mr. B’s and its affiliate businesses will be closed on Monday, May 29th. We will re-open on Tuesday, May 30th at 8:00 am.
We remember and are grateful to those who have sacrificed for our freedom. Please take a few moments this weekend to reflect on those who have paid the ultimate price so that we can live in peace and prosperity. 

Four Unexpected Uses for Spray-On Bed Liner

Spray-on truck bed liners have been popular for years to protect pickup truck beds from wear and tear while improving the looks of the truck bed. But there are plenty of others uses for this versatile material, particularly if you’re looking for a product that meets a lot of durability requirements. A top quality, spray on bed liner like that offered by American Guardian Protection gives you all this:

Good looks. The black finish covers up scratches and dings and can easily be hosed clean whenever it gets dirty. It doesn’t show wear and tearing, keeping its good looks for years.

Stain coverage. So you spilled a bucket of paint or varnish in your truck bed? No problem – our spray-on bed liner will cover the entire area, making it look like it’s brand new.

Corrosion control. You’ll never have to worry about corrosion from salt or the elements when our liner covers your truck bed.

Do these advantages translate to other applications?  Absolutely! Think about the many kinds of equipment that could benefit from a waterproof coating that protects from the elements:

You can protect your boat against moisture damage or wood rot by applying American Guardian Protection’s liquid protective coating, and it will give you improved traction on deck.

Do you use an ATV with a dump bed for hauling loads where trucks can’t go? Our spray-on bed liner can protect your ATV’s dump bed just like it protects your pickup’s bed.

Horse and livestock trailers take a lot of abuse.  Acids from urine and feces can corrode metal quickly. A spray-on bed liner will protect against that kind of damage and is easily cleaned with a garden hose.

Your garage, basement or barn floor. That’s right! By applying American Guardian Protection’s spray-on protective coating, you can instantly update an old concrete floor that can be quickly hosed down. There’s no need to worry about cracking or peeling and it will resist stains, looking great for years to come.

American Guardian Protection prides itself on providing the most versatile and easy-to-apply bed liner product on the market. It’s easy to apply and you can do even a sizable job in a weekend. For more information, visit American Guardian Protection or call 800-346-1116.



Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen of the United States. It’s a right that very few people have in this world. At Look At My Homes, we urge you to consider all of the candidates and vote for the one who will best represent you and help you provide a safe and loving home for your family and a life that is free from oppression.

Every vote counts, every voice matters. Please take some time out of your day and VOTE so that your children will have the opportunities that you’ve had and then some. Your vote will make a difference!wavy-american-flag-1399556474e68

Ice B’Gone Magic Clears Your Driveways & Sidewalks of Dangerous Ice & Snow

When the temperatures drop and we start thinking about the holidays, most of us think about how beautiful it will be when snow falls. While trees robed in winter white are beautiful and the sparkle of icicles can be enchanting, there is a down side to Mother Nature’s artistry. Ice and snow can create a hazardous condition on your property.

Prevent accidents by keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear of ice and snow with Ice B’Gone Magic

Don’t Let Anyone Get Hurt on Your Property This Winter

Homeowners should always be aware of the dangers of letting driveways, steps or sidewalks get covered in ice or snow. Just imagine how you’d feel if your grandmother slipped and fell on an iced-over step on Thanksgiving Day and ended up in the ER. Or what if the UPS delivery person fell because he had to navigate around snow covered sidewalks trying to deliver your latest online purchase? In either case, you’d feel terrible, but your homeowners’ insurance policy could take a hit as well.

Only your insurance agent can tell you if you’d be legally liable for injuries sustained if someone falls on your property, but if you let snow and ice build-up, you’re more likely to be at fault. And if it’s your grandmother, you’ll no doubt want to pay her medical bills regardless of the legal situation. But don’t feel badly after the fact – make sure you, your family and your guests are all protected from winter’s snow and ice by keeping your driveways, sidewalks and steps clear all season long.

Ice B’Gone Magic Makes Keeping Sidewalks Clear Easy

Keeping your property clear of ice and snow can be time-consuming and some of the traditional products used to keep surfaces clear can be difficult to use or dangerous to animals and children. Rock salt, the most popular granular ice melt, can cause skin irritation and even chemical burns. At Look At My Homes, we use Ice B’Gone Magic to keep the driveways, sidewalks and stairs clear of snow and ice. It’s safe for people and pets and does a better job than rock salt. What’s so special about Ice B’Gone Magic?

What’s So Special About Ice B’Gone Magic?

Ice B’Gone Magic begins as regular rock salt, but it becomes something much more when treated with Ice B’Gone Magic liquid, which transforms the traditional product into one that works better, lasts longer and costs less to use. Ice B’Gone Magic is also less corrosive than traditional rock salt, so it’s safe concrete and brick surfaces and is even safer for the environment!

Bag photoAdvantages of Ice B’Gone Magic Granular Formula:

  • Less corrosive than rock salt
  • Safe for people and pets
  • Works better and lasts longer, so you’ll use less of the product
  • No need to put down sand on driveways to improve traction
  • Works to temperatures as low as -35˚F
  • No residue left behind after ice and snow melts away
  • Ice B’Gone Magic won’t cause rust or damage doors, carpets or flooring
  • It’s safer to handle and won’t cause burning or irritation to the skin

Fortunately, it’s easy to get Ice B’Gone Magic for personal or business use in and around the Ellwood City, PA area. Just call Mr. B’s Lawn Care at 724-752-5551 or email admin@amguard.us to place your order. At just $15 plus tax for a 50-pound bag, you’ll be able to afford to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear and safe all season long!