It’s Fall! Take Care of Your Lawn Now to Ensure Lush Grass in the Spring

There are several things you can do to your lawn now that will yield impressive results when warm weather returns.


The nights are getting cooler and you’re probably already thinking about school football games, Halloween and raking leaves. Before you start raking, however, give your lawn some attention. If you take some time now, your lawn will look great when spring rolls around.

There are several things you can do to your lawn now that will yield impressive results when warm weather returns. The best part? Each of these is a “one off” that you won’t have to repeat until the same time next year:

  • If you have your mower set for anything under 2”, adjust it up to this height so that the grass has a chance to set some deep roots before winter.
  • If you’re having a dry spell in your area, water your lawn weekly in the morning, when less evaporation will take place. Water thoroughly so that it soaks the ground at least a few inches deep.
  • If you have any thinning or bare spots on your lawn, now is the time to over-seed those patches so that the grass will have the chance to establish some roots before spring.
  • Apply an herbicide or weed killer to perennial weeds. At this time of year, the weeds will send the herbicide to its root system. Applying it while the grass is damp will yield more effective results.
  • Fertilize your lawn. Even if you get a frost soon and lose this year’s green lawn, the fertilizer will go to the roots for improved growth in the spring.
  • Dethatch your yard or have someone dethatch it for you. Too much thatch can mean your grass won’t get enough moisture or oxygen when spring comes around.
  • Aerating the soil will allow roots to get plenty of oxygen and help water penetrate deep into the soil. Aeration reduces thatch, loosens the soil so that grass can root more easily and improves soil drainage so that standing water won’t be a problem.

After you’ve done all of the above, sit back and sip on a pumpkin spice latté, knowing that next year your yard will look fabulous.

Business owners – if you don’t have the time or the inclination to take care of your company’s lawn, hire the professionals at Mr. B’s Lawn Service.  They can do everything needed to keep your business’ lawn looking great. If you’ll have lots of leaves falling in the next few weeks, we’ll take care of raking, trimming etc. so that your property will make a great first impression no matter what season it is!

For a FREE Commercial Lawn Care quote, call Mr. B’s Lawn Service at 724-752-5551!

Interested in Starting Your Own Business? Mr. B’s Has an Opportunity for You!

Many of us dream of starting our own business, but few of us actually start the process. It’s costly, it takes a lot of time to build up a base of customers, and the paperwork can be overwhelming. But if you do get your own business up and running, the benefits are undeniable – you can set your own hours, your earning potential is virtually unlimited, you can make your own decisions and tailor your business to your lifestyle.

Learning from Mr. B’s Experience

At Mr. B’s, we’re excited about helping those who are interested in starting their own businesses or becoming independent contractors. We’re looking for individuals with a strong work ethic, drive, determination and a desire to succeed!

Mr. B’s was started by Brian Bush in early 1991, when he started mowing lawns while still in high school. From those beginnings, Brian has grown five successful businesses employing over a dozen employees and several independent contractors. Brian wants to take the business skills he’s learned over the years and pass them on to the next generation of entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to set themselves up as small business owners in their own right.

start-up, start your own business, business ideas
Mr. B’s will guide you through the initial steps of starting your own business.

A Rare Opportunity for Starting Your Own Business

Does this sound good to you? It should! This is an opportunity that seldom comes along. You can learn from someone who has built his own companies from the ground up without having to pay for an expensive education, you’ll get paid on the job, and while you’re earning and learning, you’ll be working toward taking on a segment of Mr. B’s current businesses as your own.

We’ll take you through every phase of establishing  your own business, including making sure you file the proper federal, state and local paperwork, assisting you with getting the right insurance, creating a marketing plan, establishing a customer list and finding the right financing options.

There’s never been a better time to start your own business. If you’re serious about starting your own business and willing to learn, contact Brian Bush at for more information. Please let us know what experience you have, including any certifications or licenses. No phone calls, please.


Easy Care Flowers for Hopeless Gardeners


Most homeowners look forward to the first signs of spring so they can get outside and start their gardens. At the very least, most will want to plant some flowers around the entrance to their home for a pop of welcome color after the drab shades of winter. Some people have a naturally green thumb while other unfortunate, would-be gardeners can’t seem to get anything to thrive once it’s planted. For those hopeless gardeners we’ve put together a list of easy care flowers that are almost impossible to kill, even if neglected a bit. If you don’t think you have what it takes to be a gardener, try these hardy plants!

  1. Cosmos are Easy Care Flowers that Bloom for Months
13265103 - cosmos flower field with blue sky
Cosmos look delicate but thrive even on the hottest days.

At the top of the chart are Cosmos. These delicate looking flowers are famous for being practically care free while blooming all summer long. Delicate, fern-like leaves and bright petals can cover your garden in color. Cosmos thrive in hot, dry weather and come in a wide variety of colors including white, pink, purple, gold and candy stripe. There are several varieties of Cosmos, ranging in height from four inches to over three feet, making them easy to stagger for a natural, meadow-like garden appearance.

  1. Easy Care Vinca are Small but Mighty

30345907 - beautiful flowers in a gardenThere are several strains of Vinca depending upon the leaves and height, but they are all hardy, ever-blooming summer flowers. The glossy, smooth leaves make an attractive ground cover, and the flat, five-petaled flowers resemble stars in shades of pink, purple, coral, red and white. The centers of the stars are usually a bright, contrasting color. They do well in almost any climate, including hot, dry, humid, cold and poor soil.

  1. Sunflowers Aren’t Just for Seeds
43267324 - beautiful sunflower and blue sky
Sunflowers turn their heads toward the sun as it crosses the sky.

The typical image of a sunflower is the six-foot-tall variety with enormous seed heads, but you can now grow sunflowers in a wide range of sizes and far more colors than the traditional, bright yellow. You’ll find gold, peach, burgundy and even bi-colored blooms that will grow anywhere from 10” to eight feet tall. Dwarf sunflowers are great for along fences while the larger varieties will attract songbirds who love the seeds.

4. Zinnias Offer Easy Care Flowers in a Multitude of Shapes and Colors

16623830 - bouquet with zinnias
Zinnias make ideal cutting flowers and come in dozens of varieties.

Zinnias are one of the easiest flowers to grow and they thrive whether planted in borders, flower beds or even containers. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies and are beautiful as cut flowers because they last for at least a week after cutting. An added bonus is that when you cut them, even more flowers will bloom. They love the heat and sunshine of summer and bloom repeatedly throughout the summer and well into fall. You can grow zinnias in colors ranging from soft pinks to deep reds, oranges and creams. Some blooms have seemingly endless mounds of petals while others are flat with distinct centers of gold or cream.

5. Daffodils – An Easy Spring Flower

27280547 - bright studio shot of a bunch of blossoming daffodils isolated on white background
Daffodils are associated with Easter because they bloom in the early spring and come back every year.

Daffodils have been linked to springtime for generations, and with good reason. Once the bulbs have been planted, Daffodils will rise again every spring in a profusion of cup-shaped flowers surrounded by a ring of brilliant petals. Although known for its bright yellow color, you can also get them cream, peach, gold and combos that have one color for the cup and another for the flat petals. These bloom in the spring, but the flowers last for weeks. Just plant daffodil bulbs in the fall and they’ll quickly spread every spring.

6. Phlox are Butterfly Magnets

26183179 - ruby throated hummingbird archilochus colubris in motion in the garden
Phlox blooms attract hummingbirds to gardens.

This cheerful flower used to bloom profusely, but only for a few weeks in the spring. Recent hybrids and newer strains, however, can bloom clear through the first frost. The flowers bloom in compact clusters that resemble the flowers on Vinca, but are smaller and grouped tightly together over long, spiky leaves. Phlox flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds but deer tend to stay away, making Phlox ideal for suburban gardens.

  1. Marigolds Grow Almost Anywhere
10493589 - a field of marigold flowers (tagetes patula) in vibrant colors.
Marigolds bloom continually from spring to fall.

Marigolds love bright, sunny spots and they are hardy enough to withstand even the hottest temperatures. They bloom profusely from late spring to fall. Traditional marigolds can grow anywhere from three to five feet tall, but you can also get dwarf varieties for containers and window boxes. The fern-like leaves are a deep green and the blossom colors include yellow, red and gold.

  1. Pansies are Dainty Delights
57518071 - mixed colors of pansy flowers in spring garden
Pansies are available in a rainbow of bright colors.

Pansies look delicate and frail, but they stand up to sunlight and grow well as long as they are watered during stretches of drought. Gardeners love the “face” on each pansy bloom that combines an overall petal color with vivid streaks of a deeper color forming a blaze in the center of the flower. Pansies come in an astonishing palette of colors, including burgundy, reds, purples, yellows, creams, golds and peaches. Pinching off spent blooms will force even more blooms. These do best in the spring and fall, reviving quickly after any hot spell. Pansies don’t grow very tall – a foot at the most, but usually more like 6 to 8 inches.

 9. Impatiens Come in Two Varieties

42003869 - impatiens flower in a pot isolated on white
These New Guinea Impatiens have darker leaves than traditional Impatiens.

Impatiens are most often seen in containers and hanging baskets, but they are excellent in shady areas of your garden as well. They can easily wilt in the heat of the day, so keep them well watered. If you keep them shaded, they will proliferate and spread with mounds of amazing color.  The leaves are softly rounded in a cheerful green in most varieties, although New Guinea Impatiens feature darker leaves with sharper edges. Impatiens come in a spectrum of warm shades ranging from a bright, pure white to cherry red with tints of pink, salmon, fuchsia and orange. For shady borders, nothing beats Impatiens for constant color.

 10. Grandma’s Begonias are Making A Come-Back

50583430 - beautiful red begonia plant closeup
The waxy leaves of Begonias are easily recognizable.

It’s almost impossible to kill a begonia, which is what has made this plant a favorite with gardeners for generations. Your grandmother probably planted “wax begonias” in her first garden. Back then, most begonias had waxy, spade-shaped leaves and flowers clusters in either red or a orangey flowers. Today you’ll find begonias with leaves of purple, citrus green or deep green that are round, spaded or rough around the edges. Flowers come in reds, oranges, golds and peaches as well as bi-colors. They are still as durable and reliable as ever, being disease and drought resistant.

  1. Snapdragons Add Height to Your Garden
7267492 - beautiful colourful and tall snapdragon flowers in the garden
Snapdragons are perfect for the back edge of a garden or along a fence to add height.

Snapdragons are easy to grow in even rocky soil, blooming into tall spikes of color that are perfect for bouquets. Their complex flowers grow in clusters along the top half of each spike, blazing in bright shades of yellow, red, pink and orange as well as variegated versions with multiple colors. You’ll find Snapdragons that grow anywhere from twelve inches to four feet in height depending upon the type. The intermediate height (one to two feet tall) are the hardiest and come in the deepest colors. Snapdragons are proficient bloomers in the summer and into early fall.

12.  Morning Glories are Easy Care Flowers for Fences and Trellises

3093071 - two vivid blue morning glories planted in a birdcage
Morning glories are well known for their vibrant blues and purples.

These charming, old-fashioned flowers sprout quickly from seed and flourish even in poor soil. To encourage sprouting, most gardeners soak the seeds in lukewarm water overnight before planting. Once they’re in the ground, just stand back and watch them grow. These are a twining vine, so plant them along a fence or trellis. The spade shaped foliage is usually a soft green. Gardeners prize morning glories for their easy growth and the vibrant blues and purples of the trumpet-shaped flowers. You can also find Morning Glories in pinks, purples and striking striped varieties.

If you aren’t sure what flowers you want to plant or need help with landscaping your home or garden, Mr. B’s Lawn Care can guide you with professional landscaping services.






Six Great Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Company’s Lawn Care Is A Smart Idea

“Your company will appreciate not having to deal with the many problems that can arise if you’re doing your own grounds keeping.”

Your business’s outward appearance can make an instant impression on clients and customers. If you’re properly maintaining the grounds and keeping the plant life thriving you can make an excellent first impression, but this can be time-consuming and expensive. Outsourcing the grounds keeping to a professional lawn service may be the ideal solution, particularly if you need year round grounds work such as mowing in the summer and snow shoveling in the winter. There are six great reasons your company should outsource your lawn care that can save you time and money:

 1. No Need to Tie Up Capital – The cost of purchasing, fueling and maintaining lawn tractors, edgers, a snow plow and other equipment can be significant. Add wages and benefits for a grounds crew and you’ll be tying up a significant amount of money.

2. It May Be Tax Deductible – Because maintaining your property is a business expense, the cost of hiring a professional lawn care service is tax deductible in most cases. You’ll love the deduction when tax time rolls around. Be sure to ask your tax consultant how much you can deduct.

3. No Training Necessary – Properly training your grounds crew and keeping them up to date on the latest innovations in everything from weed control to irrigation can be expensive. You also won’t have to worry about providing safety gear or the appropriate clothing to your grounds keepers.

4. No Workers’ Compensation Concerns – A worker’s compensation claim can put your company in a bind if someone on your grounds crew is seriously injured on the job. There is a relatively high rate of workers’ compensation claims filed by grounds keepers because they do heavy lifting and repetitive tasks.

5. Compliance Issues – Lawn care is expensive in part because you have to keep up to date on current compliance issues. Your company will need to know what the current regulations are on proper use of fertilizers, weed killers and more so that you are in compliance with federal and state laws regarding potentially hazardous chemicals.

6. Lower Cost of Supplies – The cost of fertilizers, weed control products and other products needed to maintain an attractive lawn can be cost prohibitive. Professional lawn services, however, buy these products in bulk at reduced prices and they will pass some of that savings on to you.

In addition to the six great reasons outlined above, your company will also appreciate not having to deal with the many problems that can arise if you’re doing your own grounds keeping. No need to make sure your employees are mowing the grass regularly, no need to call someone in the middle of the night to get a snow plow out to clear your parking lot after a heavy snowfall. Simplifying your lawn care has never been easier – just contact Mr. B’s Lawn Service or Penn Turf to schedule a time for a free estimate. We’ll do the hard work for you!

Mr. B’s Lawn Care is a full service company providing year round grounds maintenance, landscaping and snow removal.  Call Mr. B’s at 724-752-5551 to schedule an appointment for a free, no obligation quote.

A Holiday Greeting from Mr. B’s

Look At My Homes relies on the lawn care experts at Mr. B’s Lawn Care, Parts and Snow Removal for a variety of services, including the upkeep of the lawns and shoveling of snow on the properties we have for sale. Because they are a valued member of the Look At My Homes team, we’re posting a holiday message from them that reminds us that it’s especially important to be prepared for the unexpected this time of year.