Beautiful Family Home in Award Winning School District!

Just $139,000!

Owner financing available!

Architectural details, a prime location near downtown Pittsburgh, PA and the right price combine to make this lovely home  at 917 Harkness Way a hidden gem in the Quaker Valley School District.


Relax on the front porch or entertain in the spacious, eat-in kitchen with breakfast bar. Three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths mean everyone has space to spare. You’ll love the architectural details, including a lovely staircase with carved spindles. Lots of light and a back patio with French doors complete the beauty of this affordably priced home in an upscale, family friendly neighborhood.


Quaker Valley Schools Ranked #2 in Pittsburgh Area School Districts for 2016 and 6th in the State by U.S. News and World Report!

 Call 724-333-4114 to schedule a viewing of this property or log on to to see more pictures of this beautiful Sewickley home.




Packing Your Moving Truck Efficiently

EZ Move has several moving trucks you can rent in order to move your furniture and belongings locally if you want to handle the move yourself. One of the most difficult challenges to moving your stuff yourself is that it’s hard to estimate how much truck you’ll need, and if you don’t pack things efficiently, you’ll be wasting a lot of space on the moving truck. It would be a shame to have to make two or more trips from your current residence to your new one when one trip could suffice. EZ Move has put together some great tips for properly packing your moving truck so that you’ll get the most from your truck rental:

Get the Biggest Items Out of the Way First

Large appliances, sofas, washing machines, etc. should be packed first and should be put at the very back of the truck (so that they are sitting directly behind the truck’s cab). Shove them clear back and put them in so that they’re upright. While it may be tempting to put a refrigerator in on its side, don’t. This can damage the internal parts. Also balance the items so that weight is distributed relatively evenly.

Pack the Longer Items Next

Longer items include mattresses, box springs, headboards, sofas and other furniture items. By pushing these to the walls on either side of the truck, you’ll save space and you can keep them upright so that they are less likely to break or fall over in transit.

Don’t Forget the Padding

Using blankets, dollies and other moving equipment will help protect your belongings during your move
Using blankets, dollies and other moving equipment will help protect your belongings during your move.

No matter how tightly packed your EZ Move truck will be, you’ll still want to put padding around wood furniture, glass and any sharp corners so that nothing gets scratched or damaged while you’re moving. A bonus is that placing heavy items on padding will make them easier to slide into and out of the truck.

Keep Pieces Together

Some items such as floor lamps, desks and bedframes should be disassembled so that they take up less space. A bedframe, for instance, would take up a large portion of the center of the truck if kept intact. Take it apart and you can put all the pieces along one wall. When you take these pieces apart, make sure you keep all the pieces together. Put nuts, bolts, screws, etc. in plastic bags, then tape them securely to larger pieces.

Consolidate When You Can

Skis? Floor lamps? These long, slender items can be rolled up inside a rug. Just tape the ends of the rug so that nothing slides out when you get to your new home. Can you nest bowls, boxes, and other items together? Wrap smaller items in towels or other linens? Great!

Boxed Items

Before you rent your EZ Move truck, be sure to box up all of the miscellaneous stuff like clothing, books, silverware, dishes, etc., wrapping fragile items in newspaper or bubble wrap. Stack the heavier ones on top of the large appliances and heavier furniture. Where you can tuck smaller boxes into empty spaces around or beneath what is already packed. You’ll want to put in the lighter weight boxes last so that they aren’t crushed by heavier ones.

If you can, stack the boxes in rows right up to the ceiling in order to maximize space. If there is space between the top of the boxes and the ceiling of the truck, stuff it will soft items that you need but that aren’t delicate. Trash bags filled with clothing, towels, sheets, curtains, etc. are ideal for this and will prevent your boxing from shifting too much in transit or falling down onto other items. If you’re using linens and other soft materials, put them in bags to protect them from dust and dirt.

Awkward Items

Some of your belongings such as boots, hangars and small appliances such as mixers can be tucked into any empty spaces remaining such as between the legs of a coffee table.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll minimize not only the amount of space you’ll need in your EZ Move moving truck, you’ll minimize your stress. Or, if you’d rather have the experts take care of packing the truck for you, contact EZ Move today at 724-752-5551 or visit the website at

Ask Potential Landlords These Crucial Questions Before Signing a Lease

When renting a home or apartment, it’s always important to go over the terms of the lease before signing. A lease is a legally binding document, so signing on the dotted line obligates you for the term of the lease. Be sure to ask the right questions so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises after you’ve moved into your new home. A good landlord will have no problem answering your questions and will be forthcoming about any potential issues so that you’ll want to extend your lease at the end of the year.

Here are some important questions you should always ask when talking to a potential landlord or property management company:

Is this a long-term lease or a short-term rental agreement?

A lease is generally binding for a full twelve months, although you can also get a six month lease from many landlords. If you want a shorter time period or want to be able to move elsewhere on short notice, a rental agreement that is month-to-month may be a better option for you. Be sure you know how long you’ll be tied to the property.

When and how is the rent due?

Some landlords want payment at the beginning of each month, others will have a date in the middle of the month. Be sure you know when the rent is due and how. For instance, if rent is due by the 15th of the month, does that mean a check has to be in the landlord’s hands by then or does it mean that it has to be post-marked by then? This is an important question, as some landlords add late fees to your rent if you’re late making payments. Ask about late fees and penalties as well, as these costs can add up.

If you’re moving into an apartment in the middle of the month but the rent is due on the first of the month, ask the landlord if he or she will pro-rate the first month’s rent. Some will, some won’t; it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Are the utilities included?

Ask what utilities, if any, are included in your rent. These may include water, electricity, gas, cable and Internet. If you will be responsible for utilities, ask to see copies of past utility bills for the house or apartment you’re renting so that you can budget accordingly.

Can I personalize the house or apartment?

Don’t paint the walls, hang artwork or make any changes to the house or apartment without asking the landlord about the rules surrounding these changes. You may want to paint the bedroom pink, but the landlord might deduct the cost of repainting the room after you move out from your security deposit.

Can I have overnight guests?

For the most part, landlords have no problem with overnight guests in rental houses unless they become a nuisance. They will often stipulate the length of time they can stay, however. More people means more potential for damages.

Can my dog/cat/lizard/fish stay with me?

no pets allowed

Ask your landlord if pets are allowed. In many instances they are allowed, but you have to pay an additional fee of between $50 and $200 a month to cover the cost of any potential damages. Most landlords also have limits. One dog may be fine, three dogs may be too many. Also ask what kind of pets are allowed. Some landlords won’t allow exotic pets or large pets. Others may not allow aquariums because of the potential for water damage.

Will I get my deposit back?

The security deposit on a rental is designed to cover the cost of any damages caused by tenants. In most cases, a landlord will refund all or part of the deposit once the tenant moves out, but be sure you know what constitutes “damages.” Before moving in, do an inspection of the unit with the landlord. Take pictures and make note of the condition of the house, then add the signed inspection to the lease agreement so that you aren’t charged for damages that you didn’t cause.

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

If you’re renting an apartment, most repairs will be the responsibility of the landlord, but be sure to ask. If you’re renting a house or duplex, the question of repairs may be more complex. You may be responsible for maintaining the yard while the landlord is responsible for repairing any included appliances. Also be sure you know who to contact and how if there is an emergency such as broken pipes, a furnace that doesn’t work, etc.

It’s always better to ask about any concerns you have before signing a lease or rental agreement in order to avoid problems down the road. If you’re unsure of anything, be sure to talk to the landlord so that there aren’t any problems. By having a clear understanding of your agreement, you can ensure that your relationship with your landlord is a good one. Ask!

Look At My Homes has several houses for rent in the Ellwood City, Cranberry Township and Koppel areas that are move-in ready. Call 724-714-9758 or email for more information. To see what homes are currently available, visit the Look At My Homes rental page

Charming Starter Home on Wayne Avenue

612 Wayne

This is a charming starter home with three bedrooms, a full bath and a large front porch for those warm summer evenings! Plenty of basement storage and newer windows and doors make this an ideal home for a young family. Looking for an Ellwood City house with a home office? Convert that unused third bedroom into your office or a guest room! At less than $700 a month plus utilities, this is an affordable gem that will soon be available for viewing. But it’s certain to be snapped up quickly, so check it out today at Look At My Homes to learn more!

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