A Dozen Reasons to Contract with Mr. B’s for Your Business’ Snow Removal

Winter weather is on its way! In just a few months, you’ll be looking out over snow covered streets and wondering how much ice accumulated overnight. One thing you WON’T have to worry about is how to keep your business’s parking lots and sidewalks clear of dangerous snow and ice. Mr. B’s Lawn Care is also a full service, professional snow removal company. There are lots of reasons to contract out your snow removal needs for 2017-2018, including:

  1. You’re too busy running your business to find someone to shovel and plow after every snow storm.
  2. Hiring someone without insurance or the right equipment is a disaster waiting to happen and could cost you big bucks.
  3. Buying and maintaining your own trucks, plows and salt spreaders is expensive, and you have to pay for them even if there isn’t any snow or ice.
  4. You can’t rely on your best buddy from Junior High to be on time. Sure, he’s fun on the weekends, but reliable? Not so much.
  5. Your customers are your most important commodity, so you want to make sure they can visit you no matter what the weather is like.
  6. Mr. B’s has been plowing, treating and shoveling parking lots, driveways and sidewalks since 1991.
  7. We have the experience needed to do the job right. We won’t drive over the curbs or pile the snow so high that it creates a visibility problem.
  8. Mr. B’s monitors the weather constantly, so we’ll know that we need to be out plowing and applying ice melt hours before you even roll out of bed for that morning shower.
  9. We use Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid Ice Melt to protect your driveways, parking lots and sidewalks from rock salt damage.
  10. We use Ice B’Gone Magic Liquid Ice Melt because we love animals. It won’t irritate their feet or cause cracking of their pads; and it’s non-toxic, so pets won’t get sick if they ingest it.
  11. Your business is our priority. When we have a contract with you for snow removal and ice melt application, our trucks are out well before dawn to ensure that your business will be able to open safely and on time.
  12. Our pricing is fair and reasonable. Don’t depend on higher priced, national chains; they charge a premium and aren’t as familiar with the area as Mr. B and his professional snow plow team.







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