Six Reasons to Let ABR Judgment Recovery Handle Your Judgments Against Former Tenants

You’ve just won a Judgment against a former tenant – Congratulations! But did you know that there’s still a LOT of work to be done before you ever see any of the money you’re owed? Yep! In fact, many landlords NEVER get the money because it’s so hard to track down the people who owe the money and even harder to force them to pay up! Why? There are six reasons why it’s so tough to get paid after a Judgment is filed:

  1. There are sixty-seven different counties in Pennsylvania. If you have a Judgment against someone in Pennsylvania, you will have to file the Judgment in every county in order to make sure that a lien is placed against former tenants’ properties. Does the tenant own property in other states as well? Plan on having to file in multiple counties in those states as well. That’s LOTS of papework and research!
  2. You have to renew each Judgment every five years or else they lapse. Just like the original Judgments, a Revival of Judgment will need to be filed in every county were the former tenant might have property in order to collect on the lien. Will you remember to do this every five years? In every county?
  3. Did you know that not all Judgments are the same? Some Magistrate Court judgments won’t show up on credit reports, so they won’t serve as liens against property.
  4. Even after a Judgment is filed, there is additional paperwork – including a Writ of Execution – that will have to be created and filed before a sheriff can act on your behalf to collect the debt by seizing property or freezing a bank account. No Writ, no help from the Sheriff, even though you’ve already won the Judgment!
  5. When assets such as property or automobiles are seized to pay debts, you’ll lose a portion of the proceeds in order to pay the sheriff for his service. You could lose literally thousands of dollars of the original Judgment in fees and services.
  6. If there is a sheriff’s sale of land or property, expect to pay the sheriff’s office even more in court costs. These vary from county to county, so you’ll have to research the costs for the appropriate counties and be prepared to pay those fees before you claim the proceeds of the sale or take possession of the property. This can run into thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, meaning you won’t get anywhere near recouping your losses.

Whew! It all sounds pretty complicated, doesn’t it? Rather than waste days or even weeks of your time trying to track down a former tenant, research what they own, then try to collect on the Judgment yourself, why not contact ABR Judgment Recovery, LLC and let US do all the legwork?!

The fact is, over 75% of court Judgments are never recovered because collecting the Judgment is the responsibility of the landlord! You don’t have time to research and file the paperwork, do the legwork and make sure a lien is in place – but ABR Judgment Recovery DOES have the time AND the expertise!

Let us recovery the money that is legally owed to you – it’s what we specialize in, and we have the experience and skills to do it properly every time!

Tired of waiting for the money former tenants owe you?

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