Holiday Weekends are Great for Yard Sales!

One of the best times to have yard sales is over a long, holiday weekend. It sounds surprising, until you think about where people will be going over the 4th of July weekend in the U.S. Many people will be traveling back to their hometowns to visit family, others will be taking advantage of a beautiful weekend to go somewhere fun where they can relax and take part in a variety of activities, then settle in for a great fireworks display. Both of these groups offer an instant, new audience for your yard sale.

This weekend, the Ellwood City Area Arts, Crafts, Food & Entertainment Festival will give yard sales an added boost because of increased foot traffic all weekend long. If you live near any road leading into Ellwood City or near Ewing Park, hundreds of people will be walking by your home throughout the day. Why not take advantage of these visitors, already primed to shop, and host a multi-family yard sale?


There are several things you can do to make a spur-of-the-moment yard sale successful this weekend:

  • Put up plenty of signs with arrows pointing the way to your yard sale
  • Make some larger signs that highlight the most attractive items you’re offering. These include collectibles, furniture, tools, local memorabilia, anything patriotic, baby gear and bikes.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors to participate; the larger the sale, the more attractive it will be to potential shoppers
  • Don’t forget to put your address on some or all of  your signs (for those who rely on GPS for finding their way everywhere)
  • Display similar articles together. People looking for tools don’t want to have to pick through books, bikes and ballgowns to find the power tools saws. Instead, group all tools together, have an area that’s clearly defined for baby and children’s items, etc.
  • Don’t waste too much time schlepping participants’ items back and forth in your car. An EZ Move rental truck can help you move larger items (furniture, baby gear, area rugs, power tools, bikes, etc.) without having to make multiple trips.
  • Let the kids set up a lemonade stand or sell crafts they’ve made.
  • On Sunday, when everyone is heading out of the park at the close of the Festival, mark everything half price for quick, last chance sales.

Call 724-752-1310 to reserve a truck today (there’s a mileage discount Sunday thru Thursday!) and make some money from Ellwood City’s many Festival visitors this weekend!


Wasting Time on Judgment Recovery?

Why is collecting on a judgment so difficult? 

  • Over 75% of all court judgments are never recovered
  • Many debtors hide their assets
  • Collecting on a judgment is your responsibility, not the court’s
  • The high cost of investigating, discovering and obtaining assets often costs as much or more than the judgment itself
  • Seizure of assets may leave you with personal property you don’t need or want
  • It wastes your time and money

ABR Judgment Recovery –

We succeed where others haven’t!

3815191 - scrap paper on wooden floor around waste paper basketIt would be so nice if being awarded a judgment was the end of the process. You could simply mail your former tenant a copy of the Judgment and he would immediately pay up. But it won’t happen that way. In fact, most of the time the person who owes you money will simply toss the judgment in the trash can without responding or making any effort to pay you what they owe you.

That’s where ABR Judgment Recovery comes in…
we use a unique combination of skills and experience to collect judgments for our clients.


How do we do it?

  • We use our own licensed, private detectives to pursue leads where others can’t go
  • We have access to over 840,000 local court documents
  • We have access to over 330 million Federal documents and data
  • We have experience in multiple counties working with local authorities, sheriffs, attorneys and court employees
  • We are familiar with processes such as wage garnishments, sheriffs’ sales and local court requirements
  • Company President Dave Gulish has been a private detective for twelve years
  • Company Vice-President Brian Bush has experience as a real estate investor as well as his certification as a licensed private detective


aalc spot

We’ll unlock the judgment recovery funds that
are rightfully yours!

(888) 681-2251


A Turn-Key Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Like You!

Many of us dream of starting our own business, but few of us actually start the process. It’s costly, it takes a lot of time to build up a base of customers, and the paperwork can be overwhelming. But if you do get your own business up and running, the benefits are undeniable – you can set your own hours, your earning potential is virtually unlimited, you can make your own decisions and tailor your business to your lifestyle.

The advantages of owning your own business are obvious:

  • Being your own boss
  • Flexible hours to meet your family’s needs
  • Making money for yourself and not your employer
  • Choosing your customers and establishing your own clientele
  • Becoming a respected member of the business community

Learning from Mr. B’s Experience

At Mr. B’s, we’re excited about helping those who are interested in starting their own businesses or becoming independent contractors. We’re looking for individuals with a strong work ethic, drive, determination and a desire to succeed! Owner Brian Bush wants to take the business skills he’s learned over the years and pass them on to the next generation of entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to set themselves up as small business owners in their own right. He will train, finance and market entrepreneurs like you so that you’re sure to reach targeted business goals. 

A Rare Opportunity for Starting Your Own Business

Does this sound good to you? It should! This is an opportunity that seldom comes along. You can learn from someone who has built his own companies from the ground up without having to pay for an expensive education, you’ll get paid on the job, and while you’re earning and learning, you’ll be working toward taking on a segment of Mr. B’s current businesses as your own.

We’ll take you through every phase of establishing  your own business, including making sure you file the proper federal, state and local paperwork, assisting you with getting the right insurance, creating a marketing plan, establishing a customer list and finding the right financing options. You’ll become your own boss, scheduling your clients and running a turn-key fertilizing and weed control company.

There’s never been a better time to start your own business. If you’re serious about starting your own business and willing to learn, contact Brian Bush at for more information. Please let us know what experience you have, including any certifications or licenses. No phone calls, please.