Four Unusual Christmas Gifts Homeowners Will Love

It’s that time of year! Bells are ringing, children are making their wish lists and you are….stumped!  Someone you know has recently move into their new home and you want to give them something they’ll love for Christmas. You’ve thought about all the usual gifts people get when they have a new home, but you don’t want to duplicate something they already have. Or perhaps you aren’t sure what style or color they would most appreciate.

If you want to give your friends something they’ll truly appreciate and use, consider these unusual gifts for homeowners:


Homeowners Can Savor Meal Delivery Services

These have recently become very popular with millennials and anyone who has to work long hours, but they are also great housewarming gifts. Those first few months in a new house or apartment are always hectic. It’s difficult to find the time to go to the grocery store, run errands and prepare a healthy meal every night. Knowing that they can expect at least two nights a week where all the ingredients and the instructions for a home cooked will show up on their doorstep will give harried homeowners a great sense of relief – and they’re a fun way for homeowners to “test drive” their new kitchen! There are several good dinner kit companies out there, including Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.



They’ll enjoy it more if they don’t have to shovel it!

Snow Removal Saves Backs & Prevents Accidents

Sliding down the driveway on a sheet of ice or straining your back shoveling snow after a blizzard are two things homeowners hate. By giving your friends a gift certificate for snow removal, you’ll ensure that they can get in and out of their driveway with ease and won’t have to suffer from icy fingers and toes before getting their sidewalks cleared. Call a local snow removal company and ask about getting a residential snow removal contract. You’ll be everyone’s favorite Santa when they wake up to a clear sidewalk and driveway the morning after that record-breaking blizzard!

Lawn Care Service Means Less Work, More Play

If your friends love their new yard but hate the idea of mowing, weeding, planting and raking, a gift certificate for lawn care services is one of the best homeowners’ gifts they can receive. Contact a local lawn care service (Mr. B’s Lawn Care in Ellwood City, PA is one) and ask them to give you an estimate based on the size of the lawn, or simply get a gift card for a specific amount of money so that the homeowners can decide for themselves how often their lawn is mowed, whether it needs weed control, etc. When your friends are enjoying relaxing on their lush, green lawn or admiring their new flower garden, they’ll think of you fondly months after you gave them the gift.

Monogrammed Doormat For Welcoming Guests

If you’re on a budget, everyone needs a good doormat at their front door to soak up the dirt and grime from guests’ shoes so that those beautiful new floors won’t get dirty. Having one monogrammed adds a personal touch and gives the new owners pride of ownership – a monogrammed doormat says, “Yes, this is OUR house,” and does it with both beauty and function.

Merry Christmas!





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