The Inexpensive Home Improvement Series: A Stylish Bedroom on the Cheap

Your bedroom should be a retreat where you can relax and settle into a comfortable space at the end of the day, shutting out the noise and activity of your world. It should also be a serene place to become rested and refreshed. But if you’re worried about how much it cost you to decorate it or you’ve left the bedroom unfinished, you won’t be able to fully enjoy it. To help you out, we’ve put together seven great, low-budget ways you can turn your bedroom into a beautiful retreat you’ll enjoy for years.

Change the Linens

This sounds almost too simple, but it’s the fastest way to transform the look of your bedroom and it doesn’t require any physical labor. Crisp, white or ivory linens are the perfect foil for a comforter that has lots of vibrant colors. Conversely, if you have a neutral palette throughout the bedroom, consider using bold, bright linens to add an unexpected pop of color. To tie everything together, purchase a few throw pillows that pull the colors from the linens and tie them into the other colors in your bedroom.

Ground the Bedroom with a Rug

Contrast is key here. If your walls are painted in strong colors such as eggplant or forest green, opt for a bedroom rug that has muted shades so that the room doesn’t seem too oppressive. If you have light, airy colors on the wall, you can choose a bolder, more colorful rug with a strong pattern to ground the room and add color. Be sure to check out second hand shops, where you can often find beautiful rugs with minimal wear at a fraction of the cost of a new rug. Another great option is one of the new outdoor rugs meant for patios; these wear like iron and are less expensive than interior rugs.

Art on the Cheap

Hanging a large painting or print above the bed is a time tested way to add interest, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the same impact. Go for a grouping of smaller prints or artwork clustered together in an interesting pattern. There are lots of places to get beautiful photos or prints for just a few dollars each. When you’re on vacation, keep an eye out for colorful postcards that you can put in matching frames and scatter across the wall. The bonus? Every time you come back from a new vacation destination, you can swap out the pictures.

Another great place to find inexpensive artwork is at museum gift shops. They often sell beautiful notecards featuring various artists on the front. Pick a few that you love and add inexpensive matting and framing for an instant art exhibit. You can also use these in smaller rooms such as the master bathroom because of their more intimate scale.

The Evolution of Wall Decals

When someone suggests putting a Fathead® on the wall, you may instantly think of the oversized decals of football helmets and team logos. While this is where Fathead® got started, today’s wall decals are much more sophisticated and offer you everything from florals to architectural themes. For far less than the cost of wallpapering the entire room, you can scatter colorful decals across your walls in a variety of colors. These beautiful decals will give you the look of a hand-painted mural at a fraction of the cost.



Faux Headboard or Repurposed Headboard

If you don’t have a headboard for your bed, don’t fret. You can stencil or draw a headboard on the wall behind the bed and paint it in whatever colors you want. Or try repurposing something you already have, such as a paneled door, distressed window shutters or an old window frame. You can clean them up and hang them on the wall with just a few hooks. If you have an old, paned window, you can even tuck some favorite photographs behind the glass for an instant collage frame that does double-duty. Sections of picket fencing and old garden gates also make beautiful headboards.

iron gate as headboard
This old, wrought iron garden gate makes a lovely, vintage headboard.

A headboard doesn’t have to be hard, either. If you have a beautiful quilt that you aren’t using on a bed, hang it on the wall as a headboard. Or if you really want to soften the look of the room, hang a decorative curtain rod near the ceiling and hang plush curtains that will go down to the floor. These will dampen the sound in your bedroom and give the appearance of another window behind your bed. The soft folds of a luxurious fabric will also add romance to the room.

Accent One Wall

Have you always wanted a strong color in your bedroom but been afraid that too much of a good thing will visually shrink or overpower your bedroom? If so, an accent wall is the perfect solution. Choose one wall and paint it in a vivid color that will add drama while coordinating with the other walls’ softer, more muted tones. The same goes for wallpaper – an oversized print or busy pattern may be perfect for an accent wall without drowning out everything else in the room. For great buys, visit paint stores, home improvement stores and local design studios and ask to see their wallpaper remnants and discontinued or returned paints. You can get enough for one wall at a very low price.

You can do any of these inexpensive bedroom upgrades for less than a few hundred dollars, adding drama and comfort to your own, personal retreat.

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