Tranforming Your Lawn with PennTurf

garden3PennTurf is western Pennsylvania’s premier lawn treatment program. In this area of the country, it can be difficult to maintain a lush, green lawn. While you can try to fertilize it and apply weed control yourself, these are tedious chores and if you use the wrong products, you could do more harm than good. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional lawn care service to properly treat  your lawn, including using scientifically developed weed control that focuses on killing the specific types of weeds and undesirable plants known to thrive in this area. The right blend and balance of fertilizer for your specific type of grass is also needed to encourage strong growth and a deep root system so that your lawn will thrive from spring through fall.

PennTurf ( provides everything you need in four easy applications beginning in April and running through September or October. PennTurf also offers additional services such as de-thatching, aeration and grub control. They offer a variety of service plans to suit every need, lawn size and budget. To learn more about the various services offered, visit the PennTurf Services page.

If you would like a PennTurf professional to take a look at your lawn and give you an estimate, call 724-758-3647 to schedule a time for a consultation. PennTurf will begin Early Spring applications next week, so call today!


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