March Outdoor Chores: Preparing Your Garden for Spring

Attractive landscaping is one of the most affordable ways you can add curb appeal to your home and create a beautiful retreat to relax in during the spring, summer and autumn. But to get the most from your lawn and garden, you need to prepare your property properly even before you have seedlings to plant. Pre-emergent weed treatments, fertilization and tilling of the soil will help you get ready for planting next month. If you’d prefer a professional touch, contact Mr. B’s Lawn Care by emailing Brian Bush at or calling Mr. B’s at 724-752-5551 to discuss your lawn care and landscaping needs.

If you’re still interested in doing it yourself, read on:

In most of Lawrence, Butler and Beaver Counties, we’re in what is considered Zone 6 for planting and gardening. This means in March, it’s time to begin thinking about prepping your lawn and garden for early planting and gardening. With this year’s particularly warm temperatures, it can even be tempting to start planting some spring flowers, but try to hold off for a while. The chance of a late frost is still very real, and the temperatures are supposed to dip below freezing more than once before Spring is here to stay.

potted flower

A few things you can do during March include:

  • Start seasonal vegetable seeds in small pots or paper cups for transplanting outside later. Put them in a sunny, southern window. You can start peppers and tomatoes this way so that they will mature earlier in your summer garden.
  • Add lime to the soil where you will be planting tomatoes and thoroughly blend it in so that it has a few weeks to break down into its usable form for optimum tomato growth and sweetness. Wait until after April 15th before planting tomatoes in order to avoid the danger of even a light frost.
  • Till up your flower beds to loosen the soil and add a pre-treatment for weed control (make sure the weed treatment is for floral gardens, not lawns. Lawn treatment may be too strong for flower gardens.
  • If you like to start your flowers from seeds, plant them now in flats or paper cups and keep them indoors in a sunny window. You can transplant them after the danger of frost is past.
  • Draw out a map of your garden and design the layout so that you have something to start with when you visit greenhouses looking for annuals and perennials. Without a general layout, you may end up buying too many or too few plants.
  • Now is the time to divide any perennials and transplant them. Dig up bulbs and use a trowel or spade to break them in two or into thirds and replant immediately.
  • In late March, if the weather is consistently well above frost temperatures, you can begin planting seeds for beets, turnips, carrots and other cool root vegetables.

Exterior 524 NewtonLook At My Homes currently has several homes for sale or rent that have large yards you can customize with your own style of gardening or landscaping. If you’ve always dreamed of having a house with enough space to grow your own vegetables, check out listings such as 524 Newton Avenue in Ellwood City, PA, which has a large, level lot you can transform this summer with perennials and annuals.




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