The Inexpensive Home Improvements Series: Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the cheapest ways to add a bit of drama to any room. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t take long to put into place.

This month, Look At My Homes is starting a series of articles on ways to enhance your home’s beauty and value with inexpensive projects you can do on your own or with the help of your spouse or a friend. This week, we’ll be taking a look at crown molding, which can be used to transform an otherwise bland room into a beautiful focal point.

Crown Molding

Many of the homes on the market today were built in the 1970’s or later. These are often the tract style or ranch homes that have very few architectural details. Rooms were built with an eye toward practicality, affordability and a clean, modern look. These homes can lack personality, but with a few touches of your own such as crown molding and other trims you can add architectural detail and put your own stamp on each room.

crown molding in corner

Crown Molding: An Inexpensive Designer Touch

Crown molding is one of the cheapest ways to add a bit of drama to any room. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t take long to put into place.  It’s an easy weekend project for most homeowners; the main tools you’ll need are a miter saw and the help of a friend.

Adding crown molding to a room not only adds a decorative element to a room, it draws the eye upward, giving the illusion of added height. It also softens the edges of the room and can camouflage any minor problems such as uneven painting where the ceiling and walls meet.

Installing Crown Molding is Relatively Simple

If you aren’t sure whether you have the skills to install crown molding yourself, check out this handy tutorial on the HGTV website, “How to Install Crown Molding.” Be sure you read to the end of the instructions, particularly if the thought of using a miter saw intimidates you. Installing corner blocks is a great way to make installing crown molding even simpler by doing away with the miter saw. They also give you additional decorative options to add to the corners of your ceiling.

Without having to contend with windows, doors or other elements, you can transform a room from average to stunning with crown molding and corner blocks. There are stylish options from simple, colonial trim to elaborate, Baroque styles. You can also tie together the look of two or more rooms, such as a master bathroom and bedroom, by using the same style of crown molding from one room to the next.

With just a few tools and the price of crown molding and corner blocks, you can turn forgettable rooms into unforgettably stylish ones that truly reflect your style and frame your home’s furnishings beautifully.


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